About Us

Steve Carthy is the proprietor of Steve Carthy Motorcycles.Com

On leaving school Steve embarked on an engineering apprenticeship at Radway Green (ROF 13). He then went to work for the Copes Group in 1972 where he took up the position of foreman mechanic. In 1975 Steve made the move from Copes to Yeoman Motors where again his role was a Motorcycle Mechanic.

In February 1977 Steve decided to take the big step and start his very own motorcycle business. This was Steve Carthy Motorcycles, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent. It was there that Steve had a Yamaha Dealership and then latterly a Ducati Agency.

Steve has been involved in Motorcycles and Motorcycle Competition for over 45 years.

During that time he has won numerous club championships on Maxton, Spondon & Yamaha Machines. In 1983 Steve won the Diamond Jubilee 500cc Manx Grand Prix, Newcomers race, on a Suzuki RG500.

Having owned and ridden a variety of exotic racing motorcycles including Honda CR110, CR93, The Pladdys Honda 3, TD3 and TZ Yamaha's, Suzuki RG500's, Bultaco, Tohatsu, Itom, and Ducati DOHC singles, and also worked alongside and helped riders such as Dave Hancock, the late Stuart Jones, Lee Heeson, Nev Watts, Brian Spooner, Dick Tapkin, Dereck Welch, Charlie Williams, Bernie Murray, Kevin Mawdsley, the late Rob Holden, Nick Jefferies, the late Simon Beck, Graham Boothby, the late John Spong, Alan Cathcart, Steve Wynn Sports Racing and Vee Two Australia Racing, and having built and rebuilt many racing and competition machines, Steve is now concentrating on rebuilding, buying & selling Classic & Post Classic, Sports and Competition Motorcycles and parts.

He hopes to find some time to compete on the continent in Classic & Post Classic Events and also help his son Stephen Carthy Jnr with his return to road racing on a Honda and also trials on a Gas Gas.