History Archives

1969 - Kimnell Park. My first race on a 200cc Ducati.
1970 - Kimnell Park. My first outing on my Honda CR93, with the late Trevor Rock in the background.
1971 - Kimnell Park, 125cc Race, being chased by Neville Watts. With Darley Moors Alan Wilson in the background.
1971 - Kimnell Park, leading the 125cc Race.
1973 - At home with my newly acquired ex Ron Hackett / Jim Curry, 250cc Pladdy’s Honda 3
1973 - Darley Moor Hairpin, on the Pladdy’s Honda 3.
1974 - Darley Moor, on my Honda CR93 125cc.
1974 - Darley Moor, on the Cope’s Sponsored, Championship Winning Yamaha TD3.
1974 - Darley Moor, on my Championship Winning ex Chaz Ford Yamaha TD3 with Pete Sproston in hot pursuit.
1978 - Carnaby Raceway, New Years Day Race. On the late Mal Carters Suzuki RG500 Mark II.
1979 - Oulton Park Test Day. First trial for the Maxton 475cc 3 cylinder Yamaha built by Ron Williams and myself. Ridden by Bernard Murray and Charlie Williams, and latterly Brian Spooner
1979 - Oulton Park. When Dave Hancock was a Yamaha man, getting the Maxton Yamaha 3 cylinder ready for Charlie Williams to ride.
1980 circa. Isle of Man TT Formula 3 Race. Neville Watts aboard my 250cc Yamaha.
1981 - Jurby, Isle Of Man. Testing Maxton Yamaha TZ350G, built for the late Stuart Jones to ride in the Junior Manx Grand Prix.
1982 - Darley Moor , on my favourite Championship Winning Maxton TZ350G
1983 - Preparing for the Manx Grand Prix Diamond Jubilee on my Suzuki RG500.
1983 - Isle of Man, Manx Grand Prix Diamond Jubilee. Aboard my Suzuki RG500 at The Waterworks.
1983 - Isle of Man, Manx Grand Prix Diamond Jubilee, 500cc Newcomers race, on my Suzuki RG500
1983 - Isle Of Man, Manx Grand Prix Diamond Jubilee, after winning the 500cc Newcomers Race. From left to right: Steve Carthy (myself), Robert Dunlop 350cc winner, Barrie Middleton 250cc winner, being interviewed by the late Peter Neale.
1983 - Isle of Man, Manx Grand Prix Diamond Jubilee. After winning the 500cc Newcomers Race standing behind me is my mentor Alex George.
1984 - Malcom Shaw and I with a brace of Maxton Yamaha's, getting ready for that years Isle of Man TT

1984 - Isle of Man TT, Assembly Area. Waiting to go out for the Senior TT Race with my Maxton Yamaha TZ350G
1984 - Isle Of Man TT. The Gooseneck, Senior Race, on the Maxton TZ350G.
1984 - Isle of Man TT, Governors Bridge Senior Race on the Maxton Yamaha TZ350G.
1984 - Isle of Man TT, at Ballacrye in the Classic TT Race.
1994 - Est.1977 Steve Carthy Motorcycles, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent. (my son Stephen Jnr and the late John Spong with myself, and Eddie Lawson’s Caciva 500cc GP Bike).
1994 - Isle of Man TT, Myself preparing the Sports Motorcycles Ducati 916 for the late Simon Beck for that years TT.
1994 - Isle of Man TT, in the assembly area for the Formula 1 TT Race working with Steve Wynn – Sports Motorcycles. The rider was the late Simon Beck.
1994 - Ulster Grand Prix, Sports Motorcycles Ducati 916, helping Robert Holden at the start of the Superbike race.
1994 - Honda MT125 1977 model. This was re-built by myself.
1995 - Spondon Engineering, Ducati 851, Re-built by myself on behalf of Sports motorcycles for Kevin Mawdsley to ride at the Stars at Darley Meeting.
1998 - 250cc NSU. Re-built by myself and ridden at Schleiz, Germany and also at Jehonville & Chimay, Belgium.
The Late John Spong aboard his Ducati 350cc at the Isle of Man Classic TT, on the Billown Circuit.

1999 - Chimay, Belgium, (Classic Chimay Old Timers), Riding Graham Boothbys ex works TGA 750cc Ducati.
1999 - Yamaha TZ250A ex Christian Estrosi. Re-built by myself as a Jarno Saarinen replica.
2002 - Jehonville, Belgium, aboard the TZ250A Yamaha.
2003 - Stephen Carthy Jnr (my son), aboard a Honda RS250 at Darley Moor.
2004 - Mallory Park Race Circuit, myself on a 1974 Yamaha TZ250 ex Christian Estrosi.
Spondon Yamaha TZ350G, re-built by myself in 2007.
Honda RS250. This was re-built by myself in 2007.

Honda RS250. Re-built by myself and ridden by my son Stephen Jnr
     Stephen Carthy Jnr negotiating a trials
        section on his 250 Gas Gas    

   Paul Bennett, our good friend, negotiating 
        a section at The Scottish Six Day
             Trial on his 280 Gas Gas